Embrace Innovation: Unveiling 'Me & My Innovation Kit'!

“Me & My Innovation Kit” is your passport to a world where imagination takes flight, ideas find form, and innovation becomes second nature. Join us on this thrilling journey of discovery!


Propeller Technologies aims to make learning more meaningful by exchanging regular rote learning with extraordinary technologically advanced interactive experiences. This total know-how experience has been made conceivable by our unique products under “My Innovation Kit”. Propeller develops products that make learning meaningful, joyful and insanely addictive. Our online venture aims to make these products available to you literally in a mouse click.

We offerlikeminded professionals the opportunity to develop & enhance their careers and often move ahead more rapidly than other companies. We strongly believe that ongoing training & mentoring can provide personally exciting & satisfying career ventures.


Features :

Exciting and Engaging products for 8 to 15 year olds.

Each of our product can work with a corresponding Phone App.

Our Products will work on your command (Voice recognition enabled).

Our products can be programmed from a very simple GUI or even by C.

Self-Explanatory Manuals.

Tremendous online support available.

A whole bunch of accessories can be availed along with all our products.

Me and My Innovation Kit Series