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IoT Training

IoT Training

IOT Training course observes iot as the platform for networking of different devices on the internet and their inter related communication. Reading data through the sensors and processing it with applications sitting in the cloud and thereafter passing the processed data to generate different kind of output is the motive of the complete curricula. Students are made to understand the type of input devices and communications among the devices in a wireless media.

IoT Training – Course Highlights

1) Covers IoT from basics to Advanced
2) Training led by highly experienced industry leader
3) 4 Week duration
4) Covers the IoT Eco system
5) In-depth coverage of the IoT Stack
6) Good exposure to Raspberry Pi
7) In-depth understanding of Hardware Interfaces
8)Industry Relevant use cases
9) Explanation and demonstration of an end to end IoT application
10) 15 Real time projects

Why IoT training from Propeller Technologies?

1) One of the most comprehensive course offered in India
2) Highly experienced IOT trainers
3) This is hands on with Raspberry Pi hardware
4) We provide the hardware in our labs for participants
5) Covers from Fundamentals to actually implementing an IoT solution
6) Will give you a jump start of 4 – 6 months in IoT
7) Will give a major boost to your career move
8) The course is packed with knowledge