New Branch Opening in Chennai 10th April 2019

New R&D Lab Opening in Andra



Drones have become increasingly popular and have captured the imagination of one and all. The multiple utilities of Drones coupled with the enormous appeal that Drone making/flying has garnered over the last few years has opened up many avenues for innovations in Drone technology.

Drones today are being used for all sorts of purposes ranging from weaponization and surveillance to disaster relief and recreational photography/videography. The great potential of Drone technology and its full ability to influence and impact society is still largely untapped

Drone center of Excellence
Propeller Technologies in partnership with Industries , hosted several Drone making workshop in India. The session was the first of a series of potential programs which aim to educate people about Drone Technology and equip ardent enthusiasts with the ability to build their own versions using AI concepts.

Many Drone center of excellence has been opened in various universities and colleges to promote the spirit of Research among students and to create awareness and bridge the gap between academia and Industries.

Drone Training/ Courses
To learn about Drone Industry we provide training programs on various applications and sub fields of Drones.
1) 3D Mapping
2) Aerial Photography
3) Planning Drone business professionally
4) Drone Piloting
5) Agriculture Drones
6) Drone Thermal Imaging
7) Customized Drone projects upto 60 kg pay load

Drone Flight Control Boards
We train hobbysist, students and professionals on various flight control boards such as
1) K.K series
2) CC3D
3) Pixhawk

Drone Internship and projects
We offer various internship programs for college students on basic and advanced topics .These are some of the broad areas on which we will train students for Drones using AI concepts,

1) Object Recognition and Detection
2) Natural Language Processing
3) Unusual Activity Detection
4) Cyber Fraud Detection
5) Real-time Video Processing

Drone Workshops/ Drone AI workshops
Drone AI workshop is a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle workshop which uses the features of Artificial Intelligence like Deep Learning,Neural Networks and Machine Learning. This unique workshop introduces you to various UAV structures and engineering principles.with image and video processing concepts with the core concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

Drone Community
An active drone community has been created to promote the concepts of aviation among school students. Some of the community projects developed includes Pick and place drone mechanism, chocolate shower mechanism and pesticide spraying mechanism . these mechanisms we made using 450 frame and other customized frames in various orientations.