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Aero Modelling

Aero Modelling

Aeromodelling is the activity of making working aircraft models . Doing the projects on your own gives you a sense of achievement and excitement while improving your engineering skills

Summer Camp

Rubber Powered Models is simple engine model. its a simple glider looks like chuck glider with propeller connected with rubber band. we have to rotate propeller reverse and it will tight the rubber band. the we have to release the propeller and it will pull from and fly.We will conduct rubber powered glider competition also. We sell various Rubber Powered Models kits also. A well designed model can fly long time.

Collage Projects/Competitions:
We also guide Collage Projects. if you come with innovative ideas, we make it real and done your projects success. We do Aeromodelling, Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter, Helicopter, boat, ship modelling, car modelling and robotics, static modelling,Hovercraft, Commercial Aircraft Static Models, and even more. We not just guide your project we will provide training.


Chuck Gliders
Chuck Glider Modelling is a basic aero modelling training for starting level. Chuck Gliders can made with balsa wood or forms. if you build the chuck glider you can understand basic principals of flight and understand the flight theory. We conduct workshop events for schools and collages all over Tamil Nadu with affordable cost.

RC Models
We will build various RC Models and showcase airshows for schools and collages all over India. in that pre flying we will do extra activities like banner towing, flower droppings, aerobatics and even more. For Aero Modelling Demo we use OS engine 6 or 10 channel RC plains. we also conduct control line pilot also.