Edu Tech services under various guises and parallel product development are the two pillars of Propeller Technologies existence. With our inveterate vision of “together we create makers of the world” Propeller Technologies is missioned to intersperse a myriad of makers across the world by imparting real world connectivity in Tech education and providing the best STEM education imaginable along with STEM kits and several other learning resources. In our books, learning is not mere acquisition of knowledge, but the application of learned gist to endure practical difficulties is where completion occurs.

Track Record of Excellence


The STEM.org Accredited™ Experience trustmark streamlines interested partie's ability to identify out-of-school time programs that conform to the organization’s vetted standards, thus assisting with quick decision-making in favor of quality. When parents, educators, grantors et al. observe the STEM.org Accredited™ Experience seal, they know programs will:

  Integrate seamlessly into STEM-friendly homes and communities.
  Align to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math standards.
  Support the development of student’s 21st Century Skills.
  Engage students through hands-on learning and collaboration.
  Ensure a secure, third-party review and evaluation process.

STEM.org is the leading and exclusive third-party validator of STEM programs and other learning experiences. Each credential is now cryptographically-secured and brands like Nike, UBTECH and Generation Esports are using the terminology STEM.org Accredited™ Experience on their websites.

Over 4,500+ programs have been awarded the STEM.org Accredited™ Experience trustmark globally.

STEM.org Educational Research™ takes into consideration the following criteria when assessing each course:

  Standard 1:  STEM Subjects

  Standard 2:  21st Century Skills

  Standard 3:  Support Materials

  Standard 4:  Diversity & Inclusion

  Standard 5:  Socialization & Communication

  Standard 6:  Imagination & Cognition

  Standard 7:  Kinesthetics & Active Play

  Standard 8:  STEM Careers


STEM.org Accredited

Stem.org Educational Research (SER) is the extensive constantly working privately-held STEM education research and credentialing association in the USA. They have intently collaborated with a few driving researchers, educators, administrators, NGOs, schools and organizations to benchmark STEM standards. Propel. Study dedicated for STEM Education by Propeller Technologies has whisked the standards of a students’ expectation to another whole level through their block-chain secured STEM.org accreditation to each one of their courses. It is the first STEM e-learning platform in the Nation to be honored with this International Accreditation. This moment of surreal expansion to such a service-minded organization should be appreciated and celebrated by the Nation because Propel. study is the first and foremost organization in India to receive the world’s original and most recognized block-chain secured accreditation by STEM.org. And as an additional prerogative and prestige, Mr. Antony Navis Amarnath, the Executive Director of Propel. study has been certified the maiden Educational Instructor accredited by STEM.org upon his completion of the Masters Training Program.

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Meet Our Core Team

Missioned with a Vision, the newly amalgamated Core Team is very dynamic, diverse, directional, dedicated and determined in translating new world ideas into action, driven by an intrinsic motivating factor of being a catalyst in architecting the 21st century world.

  • Aashik Rahman

    Founder cum CEO (Chief Executive Officer)– With the motto ‘Be the change’ Aashik is graduated in BE (ECE) and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Consumer Behaviour and Executive Leadership cum Change Management.

    Aashik is an acclaimed entrepreneur with considerable contribution to humanity through his technological and innovative ideas. His invention of Zafi Robots that served in the Corona Patient Wards is the first Robot to be introduced in the country winning hearts and laurels from across the nation. Very dynamic, approachable, friendly, creative and innovative by nature, Propeller Technologies is proud and privileged to have him as the forerunner.

    Reach : aashik@propellertechnologies.in
  • Salman

    Co-Founder cum COO (Chief Operating Officer)– With the motto ‘Quality is priority’ Salman is graduated in BE (ECE) and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Consumer Behaviour.

    Being a good friend of Aashik right from studies, their journey of togetherness continued even after their college days in sharing their vision, dreams and goals. His contribution in constructing the Organization and Zafi Robots is surmounting. An academician celebrated by students for his crystal clear teaching. Very insightful, composed, reflective, organized and creative by nature, Propeller Technologies is gifted with his natural gifts.

    Reach : salman@propellertechnologies.in

  • Mubeen Rahiman

    CTO (Chief Technical Officer)– With the motto ‘Building Lives’ Mubeen is graduated in BTech (ECE), M Tech (VLSI & Embedded System)& VLSI Front End Programming.

    Mubeen is an experienced techie with a sharp intellect and warm personality. He joined the Team a year ago and has been one of the pillars of its growth.His knowledge, reflection and execution are an additional value to the Team. With his astounding expertise as an RTL Design Engineer, he has enlightened the minds of many students in the field of VLSI and embedded systems.Very friendly, perceptive, knowledge-seeking, lovable and focused by nature, Propeller Technologies is glad to have him around.

    Reach : mubeen.r@propellertechnologies.in